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2014 Expansion Plans

Calendar Posted on Apr 13, 2014 by tmiltz

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Expansion Plans for FlipFlop Dogs Team in 2014
FlipFlop Dogs Team at the IFA Meeting


2014 Expansion Plans Come with Anticipated Excitement

After spending three years perfecting the FlipFlop Dogs franchise model, the owners are extremely excited to announce their plans to expand in the metro Ohio areas of Columbus, Akron-Canton and Cleveland.


The first FlipFlop Dogs franchise opened in 2011 in Mentor, Ohio, outside of Cleveland, and has been busy since. Finding that dog owners who do not want to kennel their dogs while they are away are in the majority, the expansion plans come as no surprise.


While the FlipFlop Dogs concept is new to the U.S., an alternative to kenneling/dog boarding facilities is of normalcy in the United Kingdom. The FlipFlop Dogs franchise owners learned from the British franchisor of the year, Barking Mad, comprised of 60 franchisees. This unique alternative allows dogs owners to travel without the guilt, as their dog is being taken care of by one of our Companion Families. Our Companion Families provide 24/7 individualized attention and care as they do not work outside of their home. The days where dog owners had no other option than paying for their dog to stay on a cold, concrete floors in 4X8 cage, with limited direct attention or exercise- are long gone. Dogs in the FlipFlop franchise area, stay in a home similar to their own, their routine is maintained to a tee and no more than one customer’s dogs in residence.


FlipFlop Dogs franchise owners have found happiness and joy in giving their community an alternative to the current dog boarding options. Not only do they have a flexible schedule, own their own business and have mobility to access the entire database on any smartphone or tablet, but they absolutely love what they do!


Become a part of this expansion plan because… isn’t it time to love what you do? Find out more information at: or call us at (800)-710-1740 x106.

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