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40 Excellent Ideas to Keep Your Dog Happy

Calendar Posted on Feb 07, 2014 by jhmiltz

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Dogs have the ability to make us happy everyday. With the running of excitement to greet you to the companionship of lying by your side as you read a book, it’s difficult to find a reason not to smile when you are around dogs. Have you ever given a thought to what makes your dog happy? We have and we wanted to share it with you. Here are our top 40 dog care tips for happiness.

  1. Dogs, like humans, are happy when their diet is complete, balanced and healthy. Provide your pup with an appropriate diet that is fitting to their age and activity level (as this changes over years).
  2. No one likes bad hair days, but it’s especially important to keep your dog well groomed as this keeps their skin and circulation up to par.
  3. Keep the fleas and ticks away! Pay close attention if they are itching more than usual and groom them after walking/playing outdoors to feel for ticks. If you suspect anything is up, take them to the vet.
  4. Dogs get restless if they are not getting their daily dose of exercise, plus its healthy for them! Take them on a walk or run. Not only will they love accompanying you, think of the all the health benefits you will receive too!
  5. Adapt a daily ‘playtime’- whether it is inside or outside. This will create a special bond between the two of you and you’ll have a great time doing it!
  6. Monitor their water bowl to keep it full and clean at all times to prevent dehydration. Don’t forget to bring water on long hikes and car rides as well.
  7. Keep their mind fresh and active by continually training them for behavior and to learn new tricks. Your dog will find it fun and it’s rewarding for you!
  8. Similar to you getting dressed in the morning, dogs like to ‘get dressed’ in their collars. Style your dog with a unique and trendy collar and leash, and they’ll be the hit of the town! This will also be helpful as a description if something were to happen to them.
  9. Bi-annual check-ups with the vet are essential in maintaining a pup’s happiness. A healthy dog is a happy dog!
  10. Pay close attention to your dog’s moods. If he seems a little off to you, there could be a reason for it. If their mood changed, take him to the vet as he may be trying to tell you something.
  11. Spaying or neutering your dog not only helps out the community, but also helps them live longer and healthier.
  12. Make your home fitted for your dog by clearing the area of loose cords/wiring, and keep any food and toxics out of their reach. Cleaning supplies and certain types of plants are extremely dangerous, if ingested by your dog, as well.
  13. Let your dog sniff around because they will be able to discover things about the world this way. Smell is the way they remember and learn.
  14. Clean your pup’s ears to prevent against bacteria and infection. Ask your vet or groomer to show you how to clean your dog’s ears properly.
  15. Clip their toenails. When their toenails get too long, it can cause discomfort. Ask your vet or groomer to show you how to clip their nails.
  16. Dog’s eyes should be kept clean and clear of gunk to prevent against bacteria and infections. Keep their eyesight intact by gently taking a clean, warm, wet cloth and wiping their eyes clear.
  17. For those living in cold climates, provide your dog with the proper winter accessories of a jacket and booties to wear while outside. Dogs with thin coats, especially, need an extra layer while running to go potty. Find a jacket that fits them properly and that they don’t mind wearing.
  18. Bond with them over coffee or shopping. Because so many consider their dogs as part of their family, the pet care industry is booming. Local (and national) stores have responded by allowing dogs to visit their stores with you!
  19. Bring your pup with you when you run errands. Most dogs love car rides and they’ll be great company for you. Plus, bank tellers love giving pups an extra treat.
  20. When taking your dog on a car ride, keep them safe with a well-fitted harness, or dog seatbelt. It’ll prevent them from moving around or becoming a distraction to you.
  21. Give your dog chew toys, like Nylabones and other safe and durable toys, to prevent them from chewing on your things.
  22. Keep your dog safe by walking him on a leash while outside of their comfort zone, near traffic, and outside of a fence.
  23. Get your pup durable toys that can withstand their personality and size.
  24. February is Pet Dental Health Month. This is the perfect opportunity to get your dog smiling. Dental health is extremely important in maintaining healthy gums, bad breath and helps them live longer!
  25. Your dog provides you with love everyday. Give it back with lots of kisses and attention!
  26. Let them be the lap dog and the snuggle creature they are! Plus, everyone can use a little more snuggling right?
  27. Use verbal and body language to communicate with them. They learn better by observing your body language, but using verbal communication will let them listen to you. Dogs love listening and love the attention you give them when you tell them all about your day.
  28. If your dog does something outstanding, reinforce them with a treat, more playtime or saying “good boy/girl”. Let them know that you approve of their behavior.
  29. Understanding a dog’s behavior helps in learning why they act a certain way and how you can help them. You can get help from a dog trainer, or a dog behavioral specialist to alleviate the stress that causes the behavior.
  30. Know your dog’s breed’s needs to understand what they usually dislike and like to cater to their wants and needs.
  31. Take them for a swim in a designated dog pool or clean pond to give them a unique exercise that is good for their joints and heart!
  32. Dogs love having a job because it keeps them occupied, entertained and feel important. Dogs were originally bred to complete tasks. Give them a task, such as fetching the ball, and they will be excited to succeed.
  33. Your dog is a social creature, for the most part. Allow them to socialize with their kind by arranging a play date in the park or taking them to the local dog park for a meet-up.
  34. Give them peace and quiet when there are large groups of people over, especially strangers. Large group gathers can really stress a dog out. Provide them with a quiet hide out to prevent them from feeling overwhelmed.
  35. Dogs like to know when things are going to happen. Maintain a routine to keep them happy in knowing when they are going to go for a walk, when they are eating, and when they are going to bed.
  36. Involve your dog in family activities to make them feel included. This will create a special bond between each family member.
  37. Have a plan of action if a natural disaster happens. Know where you can take your dog and yourself until it is safe to return. With all the tragedy of the event, keep your dog safe and with you when the disaster strikes.
  38. Doggy day care is a great way for your dog to get out and play with other dogs, especially during the winter months.
  39. When you are traveling, give your pup the vacation they have been dreaming off with FlipFlop Dogs. Your dog will receive the dog vacation of a lifetime by getting one-on-one attention from their Companion Family, who does not work outside the home (which means 24-hour attention and playtime!) and maintains their schedule- a dog’s dream!
  40. Most importantly, provide your dog with lots of love, warmth and safety on a daily basis.


Did we miss anything that you feel important in keeping your dog happiness in check? Share your comment below!

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This is a great article about how to make your dog happy. I like how you alluded to the importance of grooming your dog. Some people just view that as a way to have a cute dog. However, it also helps them feel good. It is much more comfortable to be clean. 

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