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Tampa Franchise Show

Calendar Posted on Feb 25, 2015 by tmiltz

FlipFlop Dogs Attends the Tampa Franchise Show



 Seeking Dog Lovers At the Franchise Show


FlipFlop Dogs will be exhibiting at the Tampa Franchise Show from February 28th- March 1st. Our goal is to reach dog loving entrepreneurs looking to make a lifestyle change by becoming a FlipFlop franchisee. The FlipFlop franchise differs from every other franchise because of the numerous benefits we offer our franchisees. Attendees at the Tampa Franchise Show will be able to speak with FlipFlop representatives to learn how our benefits will lead to a lifestyle full of flexibility, freedom of owning your own business and success!


FlipFlop Dogs is based on the internationally proven business model, UK’s Barking Mad, bringing the alternative to kenneling to the U.S.. FlipFlop Dogs is an exciting opportunity for dog lovers, and poses as an ideal business opportunity given the tools and benefits we offer. Franchisees are able to focus on the success of their business with ease as FlipFlop franchisors provide a Customer Service Call Center to answer any inquiries and set up new appointments, as well as, having a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to easily sync your appointments and show influential marketing stops. FlipFlop franchisees find success as they network with dog owners, use our developed marketing tool kit and find day-to-day happiness as they meet with new dogs and dog lovers. The FlipFlop model is turnkey as there is no physical building space needed, which means less on-going expenses and a cashflow positive business.


The FlipFlop team will be taking the Tampa Franchise Show by storm this weekend, as we meet with individuals looking to grow their career success and start loving what they do as a FlipFlop franchisee! If you are unable to make the show and are interested in learning more, please fill out the application: Franchise Request Form. At the Tampa Franchise Show, we will be located at Booth #202. We look forward to meeting dog lovers looking for a change in their lifestyle and seeking more from their 9-5 job, by becoming a FlipFlop franchise owner.



Packing List for the Dogs

Calendar Posted on Jan 21, 2015 by tmiltz

How to Pack for a FlipFlop Doggy Vacation


Packing list of the necessary items for your dog’s next FlipFlop vacation



Your bags are packed for your trip, but what about your dog’s? Your dog has their transportation booked, their ‘hotel’ and their Companion Family has mapped out their daily activities based on their normal home-life routine. The only thing that’s left is, packing their FlipFlop bag filled with their daily necessities.  Depending on your packing style, you might be a light packer or a heavy packer (like me), but we want to make sure you pack all of the essentials for their vacation.


We’ve seen some crazy things stuffed in a dog’s FlipFlop bag. Every dog needs’ vary based on their breed, activity level and attachment to certain toys, but some items are necessary. This list is here to help guide those new vacationers, those struggling to remember what to pack at the last minute, and anyone in between. Our goal at FlipFlop is to make your life less stressful and more carefree as you travel. Feel free to print this list out so you have it easily accessible for future vacations as well.


Packing Checklist:

  • Collar and leash. Provide the collar and leash your dog is used to walking on, and one that would allow their Companion to walk them easily.  If your dog walks by your side with a harness on, but pulls with a regular collar, please pack the harness. Everyone will be happier on the walks this way!
  • Favorite toys. My dog has a Kong each morning. Kong’s make her extremely happy, keep her busy and provide her with a nutritious mid-morning snack. Having their regular toy to play with will keep their routine in sync and keep them busy if they are a little bored.
  • Daily food and treats. This goes without saying, but keeping them well nourished is very important so don’t skimp on packing the correct amount of meals per day for the duration of your trip. My suggestion: pack a couple of extra in case your trip is extended, for any reason. If your dog is a treat lover, provide enough treats for daily tricks and fun activities.
  • Water/Food bowls. Like any trip, your dog will need to have their own food and water bowl while on vacation. It’s highly recommended that you pack these, as their Companion might not have extra on hand. Plus, sharing germs are best when not shared.
  • Waste bags. Help your dog’s Companion out by providing a roll (or two) of waste bags so they can enjoy a hassle-free walk, hike or run with your dog.
  • Comfortable sleeping arrangements. The first night in a new place can be less focused on sleeping, and more on exploring (or listening to the new sounds). Your dog will sleep best if they have their normal sleeping arrangements at their Companion’s home. If your dog sleeps in a crate, break down and pack their crate (providing instructions on how to reassemble is a plus). If they sleep on your bed, that’s not a problem but provide those instructions as well. With their regular sleep environment, all will get a good night’s sleep!


Simple and easy doggy vacations is what FlipFlop specializes in. Just be sure to have their bags packed by your scheduled pick-up time and we will take care of the rest. Your dog will be chauffeured, acquainted and playing with their Companion Family before you go through security. Optional items include: seasonal accessories, such as winter booties or jackets, grooming brush, tooth brush and an old sweatshirt that has your scent on it.


Ready to book your dog’s first vacation? Start here: Schedule a Doggy Vacation. We look forward to hearing from you and vacationing with your dog! If you have any additional packing suggestions or questions about our doggy vacations, please comment below.

Holiday Travels Without Your Dog

Calendar Posted on Nov 12, 2014 by tmiltz

How to Prepare Yourself to Travel Without Your Dog This Holiday Season


The holidays are here, which means that travel plans have caught us between leaving our precious dogs in a cold, concrete kennel or not seeing our extended family and friends. I finally got a dog of my own, and fully empathies with those dog owners who do not want to leave their pup…ever. I don’t want to miss a single part of her life, especially during the holidays! The fact is, we should be with our family during the holidays and it is okay to spend some time apart from your dog. You have several options of where your dog can stay while you are away, but in my opinion, I would only want my dog to stay at a safe, loving (warm) home with a caring family, similar to what she would have with me. Let’s assume you agree with me, which inevitably leads you to booking a FlipFlop vacation. Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself for the dreaded time apart, as your dog enjoys their FlipFlop holiday vacation.


Take Holiday Pictures, Before the Holidays. Have your dog pose for pictures in front of a Christmas tree or unwrapping their holiday gifts. You will be able to have the experience of enjoying the holiday with them, just a little earlier than usual. When you are away, you will have the pictures to look back on; almost like they are there. You will also be receiving pictures of your dog relaxing after a long walk, enjoying a delicious (and nutritious) holiday meal with their Companion Family and getting exercise to keep the fit during the holiday chaos. Pictures help in preventing serious sadness (or depression) when you are away from your dog. It’ll make you happy looking at the ones you took and seeing new pictures of how much they are enjoying their holiday! The more pictures you take, the easier your time apart will be.


Spend a Weekend Together. Spend some much time with your dog that you will need a break. I get sad when I’m not with my puppy for 30 minutes and soon I’ll be spending over two weeks apart from her. How am I going to cope? By playing, snuggling and spending literally every second together for weeks leading up to the holidays. This might drive both of us a little crazy but it’ll be worth it. Plus, I know that on her FlipFlop vacation, she will be getting 24/7 attention from her Companion Family so she can start getting use to the extra people attention from me.


Gronk and I this past weekend.

Gronk and I this past weekend.



Packing A Little Extra. Not being there for the holidays doesn’t mean that your dog won’t receive the same love and care that you would provide for them, but it won’t be from you. I want my puppy to know that I’m thinking of her, which is why I will be providing her Companion Family with some presents (aka wrapped treats and toys). Pack some things your dog can eat on Thanksgiving Day (such as homemade pumpkin treats) or open on Christmas day (such as that new bully stick she loves). I know I’ll be sending several Tupperware containers full of homemade treats and a new toy that I know she will love to play with (and one that will keep her occupied during her holiday stay). Don’t be afraid to stuff their FlipFlop overnight bag full of presents!


Thinking of the Positivity. Although I’m extremely sad to be leaving our puppy (Gronk) behind, I know that she will be providing her Companion Family with happiness, laughter and joy during the holidays. FlipFlop Companions host vacationing dogs because they simply love and enjoy the company of a visiting dog, without the full time commitment. They will be overjoyed to have our little puppy (who is now housebroken), running around their house. Thinking about Gronk’s matched Companion Family, who is an actively retired couple and does not have a dog of their own, makes going away for the holidays okay!


If you haven’t done so already, book your dog’s stay with your local FlipFlop franchise so they too can enjoy their holiday with a loving family! 

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Dog Vacation Tips: 10 Best Vacation Ideas For Dog Owners

Calendar Posted on Mar 26, 2014 by jhmiltz

FlipFlop Dogs Vacation


As dog owners, we completely empathize with the hardships and lonely feelings that go along with leaving your dog while you travel. Relaxing on a beach with a Piña Colada in your hand and the sound of the ocean in the background is not nearly as fun, if you are worrying about your dog. The thoughts of, “I wonder what he’s doing”, “is he having fun”, “is he comfortable and safe”, “does he miss me” are on continually repeat until you two are reunited. If this situation sounds all too familiar to you, consider bringing your furry loved one with you (after all, they are your best friend).  Where to begin? With this list of dog-friendly vacations that will allow you to have a carefree, happy and dog gone amazing trip!

  1. If you and your dog thrive in the cityscape, take a vacation to the city you’ve wanted to go and stay in a Kimpton (boutique style) Hotel or a Loews. Kimpton Hotels allow any dog of any size or breed with no extra cost. The hotel will provide you with a bed, water bowls and doggy snacks throughout the hotel (and in your room), and have a concierge that is familiar with the dog-friendly attractions in the area.  At the Loews, your dog will be greeted with a new tag, water bowl and treats and they offer proper bedding fit for any dog. The Loews goes above and beyond with an in-house chef menu for doggy gourmet meals, offer a doggy surf competition, and dog massages at select locations.
  2. Two words: Dog Camp. Remember how much fun summer camp was when you were young? Well, dog camp is just like that but without the horrible counselor. Dog camps are offered year round, but we recommend going in the summer months as there are more activities and opportunities for your dog to run around like a free man (or woman). While you are at camp, you can participate in events that help you become a better dog owner by listening to top trainers and having interactive workshops. The two recommended camps to check out are: Camp Unleashed and Camp Gone to the Dogs. Your dog will feel like his dreams came true on his own dog vacation!
  3. Are you a true outdoorsy person, or do you live in a city and are looking for an escape? Camping would be a great dog vacation idea! While camping, you can go hiking or canoeing during the day, play fetch while having acres to run, go swimming or soak in the fresh air. Camping will allow your dog to relax while enjoying their natural habitat. The only concern would be that some National Parks will not allow dogs; some will only allow dogs to camp but not hike on the trails- check out the rules thoroughly before leaving.
  4. With this long winter, almost everyone is thinking about beaches, warm weather and soaking in the sun rays. If you and your dog are lacking Vitamin C, plan your next trip to Southern California or Cape San Blas, Florida. Depending on where you are located, both places offer dog-friendly beaches where your dog can enjoy a quick dip or rolling around in the sand- all while not being attached to a leash. Nothing like lying out on the beach while your dog is next to you.
  5. For those looking for a true nautical dog vacation, head to the Cape Cod region. While your family can enjoy the numerous attractions in the area (including the beaches), your dog is welcome on the some of the local beaches as well as the Cape Cod Rail Trail that connects the different towns for 22 miles. The towns throughout Cape Cod are especially dog friendly and would be a beautiful trip mixed between small towns and beaches.
  6. If you want to show your dog the appreciation you have for other animals, book a stay at the Farm Sanctuary in the Finger Lakes region of New York or in Northern and Southern California. The farms are placed on a spacious 175 to 300 acre pieces of land with plenty of area for you to roam and learn about the different farm animals on site. The animals have all been rescued from factory farms or slaughterhouses, where they now live on this farm and enjoy a happy, cage-free life. Although your dog will not be allowed near the farm animals and has to be on a leash at all times, it would be a unique setting for a doggy vacation. There are cabins that overlook the sanctuary, where you can wake up to roosters, enjoy the companionship of the farm animals and eat vegan (of course). Who knows maybe you’ll end up bringing home a little pig to keep your dog company?
  7. Cruises are always a popular choice for vacation ideas, and now your dog doesn’t have to be left behind. Cunard Cruise Line allows dogs (and cats) to join in the fun on the Queen Mary II. This vacation is a mix of having your dog with you, but without the responsibility. The dogs arrive with a goodie bag and a name tag, and are taken to an area in the ship where the dog kennels are kept. Although your dog would not be allowed to stay with you, you are able to have playtime for a few hours each day. The crew members will take generous care of your furry loved one by providing feeding time, walks, indoor playtime- all while seeing the same sights as you (from a window).
  8. Fancy catching up on relaxation surrounded by nature and sun? The Red Mountain Resort has absolutely breathtaking views and has plenty of activities to keep you feeling healthy and fit. Surrounded by the Red Mountains and Snow Canyon Park, there’s thousands of acres to enjoy the panoramic views while kayaking, hiking and biking. There is little not to like about this place. The Red Mountain Inn also offers a “Pawsitive Adventures Week” in late March where all of the activities will include your dog and proceeds will benefit the Invans no-kill shelter.
  9. Ever wonder what the inside of a dog would be like? Well, now you can stay in one at the Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho. This couple has a love for dogs and has stopped at nothing to create this dog like hotel. Available April 1 through October 1, you and your dog can stay in this giant Beagle with the beautiful scenery of Idaho. Seriously, check out the pictures of this place- they won’t disappoint.
  10. Dreaming of a vacation spent on a vineyard and delicious food? You’re in luck! Sonoma, California is not only vineyard territory, but also a dog centric area. There are over 50 wineries that allow you to bring your dog while you taste the delicious wine. After spending the day at the vineyards, the town has tons of places to bring your dog, where they pick from their own doggy menu or simply accompany you at the restaurant. Lastly, this town has hiking options, where you and your dog can enjoy the great wonders of the outdoors while getting some exercise. Looks like we saved the best option for last!

So after all that, where do you see yourself vacationing? If you don’t think any of these sound appealing, consider giving your dog a vacation of their own with one of the local premier dog boarding establishments. As the pet industry is booming, there are lots of options that will cater to your dog’s needs- even allowing them to stay in a home!  Keep in mind their routine, comfort and daily requirements while booking their vacation. Bon Voyage!



FlipFlop Dogs is the alternative to kenneling. Rather than having your dog stay on a cold concrete floor, your dog will vacation in the home of one of our loving Companion Families. We alleviate the stress of going away by picking up your dog at your home to take them to the Companion Family’s home, and drop them off at your home after you arrive. The Companion Family is background checked, and home inspected before a paw steps in their doorway. Our Companion Families do not work, or do not work outside the home (providing 24/7 care and attention). We match your dog with a Companion Family that fits their daily needs and will maintain their routine down to a tee. We always have an emergency and back-up plan if anything were to happen. At FlipFlop Dogs, we feel it is time for dogs to finally get the vacation they’ve been dreaming of, what is your dog’s dream vacation?

Click here to Book a Vacation!

Dog Boarding Options While You Are Away

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Girl petting dog

 With the harsh winter (almost) behind us, we can now look forward to sun, warm weather, and Spring Break. You’ve started looking at places in the tropics, flights to Orlando or a low-key week in the Carolinas, but before you pack your bags- what are you going to do with your dog? What are your options, where do you start and how do you know your dog will be comfortable, safe and happy while you are away? While deciding where your dog will stay, you need to carefully examine your options in ensuring the (caregiver) facility will meet their needs and maintain their routine.

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