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Developing Trust in the Sharing Economy

Calendar Posted on May 12, 2014 by tmiltz

Where the ‘Sharing’ Economy Falls Short

Our economy is making a shift, and has been since the beginning of the 2000s. We’ve started to ‘share’ and trade our materials. The sharing economy is part of our daily life; from the photos we share on Facebook, the couches that host travelers at night, to the TV show marathons we watch on Netflix. What began as a technology shift providing efficiency in our communities, is now an industry filled with multi-billion dollar companies.


The major advantages of the sharing economy are enabling our peers to make use of their unused commodities and turning them into a profit. Companies are not the only ones benefiting from this new way of capitalizing on “what’s mine is yours” attitude. Individuals are able to use their peers houses, cars, clothes, office space, and yes, even a spare couch. Providing the option to ‘rent’ instead of buy has made materials more affordable, less cumbersome and more productive. There’s now an easy way to get a designer handbag, other than trucking around the mall, spending hours shopping and then realizing you don’t want to spend a $1000 on a bag. You simply go online, look for one that’s fitting for the event and click “Borrow”. No hard decisions made because it’s not a long-term commitment and it’s inexpensive (considering the alternative is to buy). With all of this sharing, there is bound to be some downsides.


Trust. Both parties have to be willing to trust that the person is not a fraud or criminal. The ‘sharing’ companies are not able to interview every person that opens their house to travelers or watches your dog for a weekend while you travel. Booking with these companies is based on having confidence that they are who they say they are. If you aren’t comfortable with meeting strangers, ‘sharing’ is most likely not for you. There’s no buffer or safeguard around the fact that you do not know these individuals; trust and confidence is all you have. While the ‘sharing’ economy is a trend that will only continue growing as technology is developing and GenX ages, we are hopefully that companies will continue to strengthen their ability to analyze the offerings. After all, who wants the commitment and payments of having a car, house, or even a dog, when there’s a whole world of your peers that are willing to let you borrow theirs?

Cindy Companion Dog


Now onto the subject of how FlipFlop Dogs fits into the ‘sharing’ economy picture. FlipFlop Dogs’ franchises provide companionship as our customers travel. Our customer’s dog stays in the home of a background-checked, home inspected and certified dog lover. In this case, we are ‘sharing’ dogs. Some of the Companion Families gain the joy of having the company from a visiting dog, while others like that their dog has a playmate. Our Companion Families do not have the full time commitment of dog ownership, and are only asked to watch dogs based on their availability.



“We are technically the middleman, or as we like to say “doggy matchmakers” in the business.”


Our FlipFlop franchisees find a Companion Family that is best suited for your dog, that meets both your dog’s personality and needs, as well as what the Companion Family is looking for. We go above and beyond in conceptualizing the sharing way, but we strive to make it the best possible match for all parties involved. If there was a high-energy dog that runs 3 miles a day, they would not enjoy a ‘vacation’ with an elderly Companion that likes to lay around and read. The other concept that we feel is important to maintain, is that only your dog is being cared for by the Companion Family- no other customer’s dogs. The Companion Families are not doing this to make a living off of, but for their love of dogs. Lastly, if anything were to happen to the Companion Family, we have back plans. If you are on vacation, the last thing you want is a phone call saying that your dog is no longer being taken care of and is left alone. We assure you, nothing like that will ever happen on our watch. We facilitate the trust and responsibility by getting to know both parties extremely well. Although there is no interaction between the Companion Family and the customer, we feel it’s a vital part of how our ‘sharing’ works. On the customer’s side, you do not have to meet with strangers or know if they are a good fit for your dog by talking to them for a few minutes. On the Companion Family side, you will never have a stranger walking around your house, wondering where their dog will stay and grilling you with questions. We gather all our information from background checks and in-depth in-person interviews. Our FlipFlop Dog franchises are trained to be the best at what they do: match dogs with qualified dog lovers. Taking the negativity out of the ‘sharing’ economy to benefit dog owners and dog lovers, is what we do.



Find out more information on how you could be a part of the growing sharing economy by clicking here.

7 Ways Franchising Supports Women

Calendar Posted on Apr 23, 2014 by tmiltz

Women Find Success in Franchise Families

Franchising provides a great opportunity to own your own business, while having the backbone and assurance from the franchisors. Franchisees are welcomed into a big family, where people are collaborating and evolving their ideas with one another.

FlipFlop Franchisee

FlipFlop Franchisee Presents Information to Customer


Women in franchising find a love for the established network, market-proven concept, which allows them to prove their own success while maintaining the lifestyle they choose. There’s a good reason for this too. The franchise system supports women and here are 7 reasons why.

  1. Building Your Own Success. Owning your own business along with having the support of a franchise team, gives you all the tools and expertise to build your own success.  The franchise system gives you the tools to market, plan and strategically position yourself in the operating territory.  All you have to do is apply your drive and commitment to building your local franchise business. You are in control of how profitable and reputable your franchise is. It’s a refreshing feeling to be able to determine your own success rather than relying on others- you are the boss.
  2. Not Having to Reinvent The Wheel. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to own your own business. Franchising allows you to take a proven, validated model and run your own business. There is less risk associated and more reward in gaining recognition from a brand.  According to Bloomberg, eight out of ten business concepts fail. Buying into a franchise concept greatly decreases these odds because you are not relying solely on yourself and a new concept. Franchising systems are market proven and tested to be profitable. Just add your thirst for success.
  3.  Expanding The Network. For the most part, women love relationships, networking and having a family type atmosphere. Franchising is just that. You have the coaching and expertise from the franchisors, and you have a network of people that do the exact same thing as you, gone through the same struggles and hardships and will be happy to be share their experiences. Franchisees are able to connect on a different level and help each other out throughout the lifetime of their business. Whether the issue is how to market toward a certain group or dealing with that certain problematic customer- they are there for you to offer their experienced advice.  When you become a franchise, you become part of an open network, where people have continuous conversations and strategize as one community.  You are never alone. I love how Debbie Blacher, from the Wholesome Tummies franchise, says “You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”
  4. Opportunities for Every Interest. With well over 1,200 franchises in the U.S., there are businesses that fit almost anyone’s interest, financial investment, and expected lifestyle. There are franchise opportunities for those interested in children education, home improvement, printing/office services, pet related, event planning or accounting services- you name it. In order to make the long-term commitment of buying a franchise, ensure that the brand is something you believe and that you connect with the franchisor.
  5. Flexible Schedule. Although there will be added responsibilities, the bonus of owning your own business, is the ability to make your own schedule. You have the ability to make your own hours and work on developing your business, while also having the ability to shut down when need to. In franchising, you no longer have a boss demanding you to work during certain hours. There’s no 8a-5p or 7a-10pm, unless you want those hours of course. This leads to less stress and more enjoyment of going to work.  You do not have to choose between having time for family and friends or having a successful career, when you can easily have both. While you are researching franchises, spend a lot of time knowing the franchise model and the lifestyle it will allow you to have. Asking established franchisees about their normal operating hours and schedules will help you envision if this business will fit into your current lifestyle.
  6. Work From Home. There are a lot of franchises that are home-based, requiring no brick and mortar location. This not only significantly cuts down on your investment and overhead costs, but also gives you the convenience of being home.  A dedicated office area in your house is highly recommended to help you overcome the distractions.
  7. Making a Difference in the Community. Having a business in your local community, allows you to contribute to the success of your town. You better the lives of those in your area for providing your products/services to them. Owning a franchise gives you the business opportunity to stand out in your community by creating a network of loyal customers and fans. Isn’t it time to do something you love?





FlipFlop Dogs is a unique franchising opportunity. Offering a market-tested business that allows our franchisees to establish and manage their own successful business. Our franchisees are home-based, mobile (no storefront needed), have a protected territory and are coached by a management team with over 65 years of pet industry experience. The FlipFlop Dogs concept is based on Britain’s Franchise of the Year, Barking Mad. Bringing this concept to the U.S.,  FlipFlop Dogs is the alternative to kenneling your dog. If you love dogs and working from home, being your own boss and controlling your own schedule, a FlipFlop Dogs franchise could be a perfect match for you! Find out more by clicking here: Franchising Information.



2014 Expansion Plans

Calendar Posted on Apr 13, 2014 by tmiltz

Expansion Plans for FlipFlop Dogs Team in 2014
FlipFlop Dogs Team at the IFA Meeting


2014 Expansion Plans Come with Anticipated Excitement

After spending three years perfecting the FlipFlop Dogs franchise model, the owners are extremely excited to announce their plans to expand in the metro Ohio areas of Columbus, Akron-Canton and Cleveland.


The first FlipFlop Dogs franchise opened in 2011 in Mentor, Ohio, outside of Cleveland, and has been busy since. Finding that dog owners who do not want to kennel their dogs while they are away are in the majority, the expansion plans come as no surprise.


While the FlipFlop Dogs concept is new to the U.S., an alternative to kenneling/dog boarding facilities is of normalcy in the United Kingdom. The FlipFlop Dogs franchise owners learned from the British franchisor of the year, Barking Mad, comprised of 60 franchisees. This unique alternative allows dogs owners to travel without the guilt, as their dog is being taken care of by one of our Companion Families. Our Companion Families provide 24/7 individualized attention and care as they do not work outside of their home. The days where dog owners had no other option than paying for their dog to stay on a cold, concrete floors in 4X8 cage, with limited direct attention or exercise- are long gone. Dogs in the FlipFlop franchise area, stay in a home similar to their own, their routine is maintained to a tee and no more than one customer’s dogs in residence.


FlipFlop Dogs franchise owners have found happiness and joy in giving their community an alternative to the current dog boarding options. Not only do they have a flexible schedule, own their own business and have mobility to access the entire database on any smartphone or tablet, but they absolutely love what they do!


Become a part of this expansion plan because… isn’t it time to love what you do? Find out more information at: or call us at (800)-710-1740 x106.