Trends in the Pet Industry

Tampa Franchise Show

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FlipFlop Dogs Attends the Tampa Franchise Show



 Seeking Dog Lovers At the Franchise Show


FlipFlop Dogs will be exhibiting at the Tampa Franchise Show from February 28th- March 1st. Our goal is to reach dog loving entrepreneurs looking to make a lifestyle change by becoming a FlipFlop franchisee. The FlipFlop franchise differs from every other franchise because of the numerous benefits we offer our franchisees. Attendees at the Tampa Franchise Show will be able to speak with FlipFlop representatives to learn how our benefits will lead to a lifestyle full of flexibility, freedom of owning your own business and success!


FlipFlop Dogs is based on the internationally proven business model, UK’s Barking Mad, bringing the alternative to kenneling to the U.S.. FlipFlop Dogs is an exciting opportunity for dog lovers, and poses as an ideal business opportunity given the tools and benefits we offer. Franchisees are able to focus on the success of their business with ease as FlipFlop franchisors provide a Customer Service Call Center to answer any inquiries and set up new appointments, as well as, having a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to easily sync your appointments and show influential marketing stops. FlipFlop franchisees find success as they network with dog owners, use our developed marketing tool kit and find day-to-day happiness as they meet with new dogs and dog lovers. The FlipFlop model is turnkey as there is no physical building space needed, which means less on-going expenses and a cashflow positive business.


The FlipFlop team will be taking the Tampa Franchise Show by storm this weekend, as we meet with individuals looking to grow their career success and start loving what they do as a FlipFlop franchisee! If you are unable to make the show and are interested in learning more, please fill out the application: Franchise Request Form. At the Tampa Franchise Show, we will be located at Booth #202. We look forward to meeting dog lovers looking for a change in their lifestyle and seeking more from their 9-5 job, by becoming a FlipFlop franchise owner.



Podcast with Barking Mad

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Podcasts with Barking Mad

Barking Mad and FlipFlop Dogs’ Get Social


Barking Mad-FlipFlop Dogs - Version 2


UK’s Barking Mad Social Media Manager, Richard Darcy and FlipFlop Dogs’ Jordan Miltz sat down to talk about what they provide for their franchisees, customers and how they continue to grow their brands through Social Media. The FlipFlop model is based on the award-winning Barking Mad franchise. After spending several months learning from Barking Mad’s founders, FlipFlop founders started the franchise in Ohio. Almost four years later, Barking Mad and FlipFlop meet again, in sunny Marco Island, FL. During this time we spoke about our business strengths and bounced ideas off one another. We had several great meetings and felt rejuvenated with numerous concrete ideas for future plans.


During this time, Richard and Jordan discussed their social media tasks, tools and best practices on a franchisor and franchisee level. Take a listen to the podcast below, by pressing play, and you will hear an engaging conversation on what we provide for our network partners and how you could become more social as well.


Start getting social with FlipFlop Dogs’ and Barking Mad!  Find Barking Mad’s insights and the original post here: Barking Mad Franchise Podcast.

Five Keys to Happiness

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Finding Happiness through Five Factors

Research shows what factors into your happiness




A recent Business Insider report suggested the main keys to happiness.  Everyone strives for happiness in their life but not all are able to achieve it. Without a doubt, we go through happy and sad times based on the circumstances of our life events. Focusing on the factors that you can control, there is a reason why business owners, franchisees and entrepreneurs are happier than those working for at a routine, office job. This study is important to show how changes in your life can lead you to living a happier life!


There are five main factors that psychologist have discovered over the years that make you happy: achieving goals, meaningful work, experiences, exercise and seeing the people you love. Here’s our inside look on what these five factors mean in conjunction with being a FlipFlop franchise.  Writing down achievable goals and seeing them cultivate makes you feel accomplished and successful! At FlipFlop, we are consistently getting together as a franchise network to talk about our goals, explain our plans to achieve them and then discuss the results. This creates an accountability as a group and makes sharing the successes more fun. High fives all around!


Having a fulfilling, meaningful career is one of the keys to happiness. You spend majority of your time working, which is why it’s so important to seek out a career that you feel a calling toward. One of the best ways to figure this out is to think about what you enjoy doing when you are not working, or what you would do if money was not a factor. Do you enjoy caring for people? Do you enjoy volunteering at your local humane society? Do you look forward to running home to be with your dog? If you are a dog person, FlipFlop franchisees live a fulfilling career as they build their own business based on their love for dogs.


“Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”



We’ve all heard that “money can’t buy happiness”, which is true, unless you are talking about going somewhere or doing something. Going on a vacation or spending the day on a boat- having experiences–  is one of the main links to happiness. The expensive couch that you wanted for years becomes just a place to sit after the novelty of it wears off. Being a franchisee, you are able to make your own schedule and are making a considerable income, which allows you to go on vacation. There are no numbered vacation days, as you own your business. Experience the world with your favorite travel partner or go enjoy the beautiful beach day with your children. We want you to be happy and experience things!


Exercise equals endorphins. As a FlipFlop franchisee, you have a flexible schedule. You are able to schedule your marketing stops, meetings and appointments with what works best with you! If you like to take an afternoon spin class, go for it! You won’t have to miss out on an exercising opportunity because of your strict working hours. We don’t babysit you or require certain hours. Happier, healthier you is possible.


Lastly, spend time with those you love. Being around your friends and family is a wonderful feeling. FlipFlop franchisees don’t miss their son’s soccer game or a friend’s birthday dinner because work ran late. You get to spend more time with the people you care about. Being there during these fun events will make you happier and will make your life less stressful. Stop missing out on family and friends time because you have a restrictive job. Become a business owner and you will make your own schedule to have the flexibility to enjoy the time with your loved ones.


This was our take on the recent Business Insider article, read the full study here. We feel strongly that happiness is important for our franchisees. FlipFlop franchisees enjoy going to work every day. They chose to leave their desk jobs to become a successful business owner. If you are looking for happiness and love dogs, we’d love to speak to you about our exciting opportunities. We are looking to expand our FlipFlop network in 2015. Contact us today at:, fill out an application or give us a call at (800)-710-1740×106.




NAVC Conference 2015

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FlipFlop Dogs to Attend NAVC Conference 2015


FlipFlop Pro Model Beneficial to Veterinary Practices




FlipFlop Dogs will be attending the NAVC (National American Veterinary Community) Conference for the first time, this year! We’re filled with the anticipation of meeting great veterinarians at this conference and explaining how FlipFlop will enhance and take their practice to the next level.  


Offering a premium, complimenting service to their existing practice, veterinarians will benefit by adding the FlipFlop service as it will add an additional revenue stream and make the practice the premier one-stop shop for dog care, without adding office staff or square footage. Adding the FlipFlop service is easy and does not require significant time or manpower because of our efficient training and built out business plan. Our international award-winning business model is designed to be turnkey and completely operational within a few weeks. With the Customer Service Support Center and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, operations are handled efficiently and professionally, without adding additional staff to answer inquiries and incoming calls. There are numerous advantages to how veterinary practices will enhance their practice with the addition of a FlipFlop partnership. Our FlipFlop representatives will be at the conference to speak more on this exclusive partnership and what is required to fit our criteria to add a FlipFlop service to a veterinarian practice.


FlipFlop Dogs is the alternative to kenneling, providing complete peace of mind to dog owners while they are away. Veterinary practices benefit by providing their clients with a needed service, which they normally rely on another business, competitor or an unsatisfying option, such as a family member. FlipFlop is a mobile operation, with only a van needed to transport dogs- meaning no additional square footage is needed in the practice. With this service, dogs stay in a real home, with certified dog lovers, rather than in a cold, concrete floor cage with minimal human contact. Dogs return home happy, healthy and, best of all, normal (just like they were on a vacation)!


Want to learn more before the show? Visit our opportunity page and fill out a form. You will be contacted shortly by a FlipFlop representative. At the NAVC Conference, stop by our Marriott booth #3834 to speak with us personally about our exciting opportunities with our FlipFlop Pro Model. If you are not able to make it to the conference, please email us at: or give us a call at: (800)-710-1740 x106. 


Bloomberg Interview with FlipFlop Dogs

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Bloomberg TV’s Segment, “Taking Stock with Pimm Fox”,  Featuring the FlipFlop Dogs Franchise


On Monday, June 16th, President and Co-Founder of FlipFlop Dogs, Taffy, interviewed with Pimm Fox in discussing the FlipFlop concept in the U.S. Coined as an alternative  for “dogs that don’t like kennels”, the FlipFlop Dogs franchise provides peace of mind to dog owners while they are away as their dog stays in a safe, loving home environment. Capitalizing on the ever-growing pet industry, the FlipFlop franchise gives dog lovers an opportunity to own their own business with a successful business model, which is then adapted to their territory.


Watch the video below to see the full interview of Taffy and Pimm Fox from Bloomberg TV.




The Business Side of the Pet Industry

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Where Success Meets Passion, in the Pet Industry


The pet industry receives attention for its, almost, half a billion dollar in expenditures each year and its ability to show its continued strength by having a high growth rate. Which leads to the understanding of over 100,000 pet businesses in the U.S. that are all trying to take a bite out of the profitable market. Starting a business takes time, money, resources, marketing and development and lots of knowledge of how the business and industry works. While the pet industry looks like a great opportunity, the opportunity is only present if you have the means necessary. This infograph serves as an informative measure in learning why the industry has grown, where the money is coming from and how to take action on this wonderful, and fun-loving, pet industry.


Pet Industry Infograph

Rather than starting from scratch, franchising is a great opportunity to own your own business, without having to figure out the whole business side of things. Franchising offers continuous training, support and a marketing program to help you hit the ground running.  Many pet industry franchises cost less than $150,000 and will enable you to be more profitable within the first year of business. Franchising in the pet industry is widely successful and for good reasons. Franchisors love going to work, have a network of business partners and are able to better dog’s lives in their community! Are you interested in pursuing a career in the pet industry?

FlipFlop Dogs is a unique franchising opportunity available in select cities. Offering a market-tested business that allows our franchisees to establish and manage their own successful business. Our franchisees are home-based, mobile (no storefront needed), have a protected territory and are coached by a management team with over 65 years of pet industry experience. The FlipFlop Dogs concept is based on Britain’s Franchise of the Year, Barking Mad. Bringing this concept to the U.S.,  FlipFlop Dogs is the alternative to kenneling your dog. If you love dogs and working from home, being your own boss and controlling your own schedule, a FlipFlop Dogs franchise could be a perfect match for you! Find out more by clicking here: Franchising Information.

Developing Trust in the Sharing Economy

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Where the ‘Sharing’ Economy Falls Short

Our economy is making a shift, and has been since the beginning of the 2000s. We’ve started to ‘share’ and trade our materials. The sharing economy is part of our daily life; from the photos we share on Facebook, the couches that host travelers at night, to the TV show marathons we watch on Netflix. What began as a technology shift providing efficiency in our communities, is now an industry filled with multi-billion dollar companies.


The major advantages of the sharing economy are enabling our peers to make use of their unused commodities and turning them into a profit. Companies are not the only ones benefiting from this new way of capitalizing on “what’s mine is yours” attitude. Individuals are able to use their peers houses, cars, clothes, office space, and yes, even a spare couch. Providing the option to ‘rent’ instead of buy has made materials more affordable, less cumbersome and more productive. There’s now an easy way to get a designer handbag, other than trucking around the mall, spending hours shopping and then realizing you don’t want to spend a $1000 on a bag. You simply go online, look for one that’s fitting for the event and click “Borrow”. No hard decisions made because it’s not a long-term commitment and it’s inexpensive (considering the alternative is to buy). With all of this sharing, there is bound to be some downsides.


Trust. Both parties have to be willing to trust that the person is not a fraud or criminal. The ‘sharing’ companies are not able to interview every person that opens their house to travelers or watches your dog for a weekend while you travel. Booking with these companies is based on having confidence that they are who they say they are. If you aren’t comfortable with meeting strangers, ‘sharing’ is most likely not for you. There’s no buffer or safeguard around the fact that you do not know these individuals; trust and confidence is all you have. While the ‘sharing’ economy is a trend that will only continue growing as technology is developing and GenX ages, we are hopefully that companies will continue to strengthen their ability to analyze the offerings. After all, who wants the commitment and payments of having a car, house, or even a dog, when there’s a whole world of your peers that are willing to let you borrow theirs?

Cindy Companion Dog


Now onto the subject of how FlipFlop Dogs fits into the ‘sharing’ economy picture. FlipFlop Dogs’ franchises provide companionship as our customers travel. Our customer’s dog stays in the home of a background-checked, home inspected and certified dog lover. In this case, we are ‘sharing’ dogs. Some of the Companion Families gain the joy of having the company from a visiting dog, while others like that their dog has a playmate. Our Companion Families do not have the full time commitment of dog ownership, and are only asked to watch dogs based on their availability.



“We are technically the middleman, or as we like to say “doggy matchmakers” in the business.”


Our FlipFlop franchisees find a Companion Family that is best suited for your dog, that meets both your dog’s personality and needs, as well as what the Companion Family is looking for. We go above and beyond in conceptualizing the sharing way, but we strive to make it the best possible match for all parties involved. If there was a high-energy dog that runs 3 miles a day, they would not enjoy a ‘vacation’ with an elderly Companion that likes to lay around and read. The other concept that we feel is important to maintain, is that only your dog is being cared for by the Companion Family- no other customer’s dogs. The Companion Families are not doing this to make a living off of, but for their love of dogs. Lastly, if anything were to happen to the Companion Family, we have back plans. If you are on vacation, the last thing you want is a phone call saying that your dog is no longer being taken care of and is left alone. We assure you, nothing like that will ever happen on our watch. We facilitate the trust and responsibility by getting to know both parties extremely well. Although there is no interaction between the Companion Family and the customer, we feel it’s a vital part of how our ‘sharing’ works. On the customer’s side, you do not have to meet with strangers or know if they are a good fit for your dog by talking to them for a few minutes. On the Companion Family side, you will never have a stranger walking around your house, wondering where their dog will stay and grilling you with questions. We gather all our information from background checks and in-depth in-person interviews. Our FlipFlop Dog franchises are trained to be the best at what they do: match dogs with qualified dog lovers. Taking the negativity out of the ‘sharing’ economy to benefit dog owners and dog lovers, is what we do.



Find out more information on how you could be a part of the growing sharing economy by clicking here.

Pet Care Industry: Statistics And Changing Trends

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Dogs in the park


The pet care industry has shown its true colors during the past few years. The industry has not only continued to steadily rise for over 10 years, but has also shown that it is recession proof.  The pet care industry is in a fascinating phase where a multitude of changes are affecting the way pet business trends are leading toward fulfilling pet owners wants and needs. Unknowingly, there has been a gap in what was considered a quality life and what is now considered an even better life for households’ pets, or should we call them, our furry family members.


The pet business trends are being fueled by a couple of naming reasons. Society has made a shift to marry at an older age, leaving those single individuals opting to own a pet for the companionship during the time being. Or that young married couples are choosing to wait to start a traditional family with children and, instead adopting a pet to begin their family. The benefits being the happiness elicited from playing with a dog or seeing their wagging tail when you walk in from a long day at the office (no human is ever that happy to see you), and how dogs almost force you to be active by having to provide for their daily exercise needs.  Young adults are not alone.  As baby boomers are becoming the ripe age of retirement and looking to gain the companionship of dogs as well, since their children have moved out. There is no question that Americans are absolutely crazy about their love for their pets, and dogs being the highest among the category. How has this affected the pet care industry and what are the changing trends? Great question!


There’s been a growing awareness as to what enables a pet to have the best quality of life, and owners are willing to spend the money to get this. There are boutique pet stores popping up to offer pet luxury items such as, doggy wool sweaters, costumes, or organic protein dried Alligator treats. There’s a sudden need, as GenX (8-30 year olds) becomes pet owners, to have more technology driven pet appliances.  Owners are able to track their dog’s daily health on their smartphone (Tagg) and dispense their food/video chat with them while they are at work with Petzila. Although we hope this trend does not mean spending less time with their pets, as the pets can be cared for by the touch of a button.  Other trends include, veterinarians specializing in specific fields, such as neurology or cardiology, jet setting programs for pets, including airlines flying only pets, pet crematories are on the rise, and products that are “Made In America”.  Pet care related companies are vastly growing in numbers and locations, as pet franchising becomes a popular option in expanding one’s successful business throughout the mass.  There is one trend that is on a downward spiral, retail stores selling pets- thankfully! This is one downward trend we are very happy to see.


The steady and healthy growth in the pet care industry will continue its rise for the foreseeable future. Pet industry companies are beginning to match pet owners wants and needs for their furry family member. Ten years ago, dogs were only beginning to wear accessories.  Now pets can match their owners or dress up as a dinosaur on a Saturday. Pets’ quality of life is not considerably different than humans anymore. So whether owners are away from their pet or by their side, pets can maintain a comfortable and happy lifestyle that is fitted for the love and joy they supply us on a daily basis.




FlipFlop Dogs is a unique franchising opportunity. Offering a market-tested business that allows our franchisees to establish and manage their own successful business. Our franchisees are home-based, mobile (no storefront needed), have a protected territory and are coached by a management team with over 60 years of pet industry experience. The FlipFlop Dogs concept is based on England’s successful Barking Mad Franchise. Bringing this concept to the U.S.,  FlipFlop Dogs is the alternative to kenneling your dog. If you love dogs and working from home, being your own boss and controlling your own schedule, a FlipFlop Dogs franchise could be a perfect match for you!

Interested in a FlipFlop Dogs franchise? Contact us to learn more about this amazing opportunity!