Our Fantastic Companion Families Are The Heart of Our Business. We Simply Could Not Do What We Do Without Them.


Steps to Become a Companion


  1. Fill out the Companion Form here, or simply give us a call at (800)710.1740.
  2. Brief phone interview to establish that you meet the basic requirements
  3. In-person interview from your local franchise – we want to get to know you as a person and dog lover
  4. A required home inspection, for safety and cleanliness, along with a criminal background check


Once the preliminary process is over (phew!), you will send your schedule in at the beginning of each month with as much, or as little, availability as you have.  During the process, we will discuss what type of dogs you like or dislike.  Our first priority is to make the perfect match between you and the dogs you care for, so we will be happy to give you only dogs that you enjoy watching. You can get as picky as saying you want a toy poodle, or as general as saying, any and all types of dogs.

Once we match you with a dog,  we will notify you immediately to confirm your schedule during those dates.


How FlipFlop® Dogs Makes It Happen


After you confirm the vacation dates, your work is done! You will be contacted as to when the dog will be dropped off at your house by your local franchise. You will not have to pick up or drop off the dog, and you especially will not have to deal with the discomfort of having a stranger into your home (we’ve got you covered). We believe it’s important for our Companion Families to concentrate on looking after visiting dogs. We manage the awkwardness of dealing with money, insurance and paperwork so that the enjoyment of looking after visiting dogs remains their focus.

As always, our Companion Families have the support of both their local franchisee and our centralized call center 24/7. If you are unable to care for a dog, for any reason, we will ensure that the dog is cared for by another Companion Family until the customer returns.


Who Can Be a Companion


It goes without saying that all of our Companion Families, without exception, are absolutely crazy about dogs. Some are actively retired, who have had dogs all of their lives but now enjoy the freedom and flexibility of caring for dogs on vacation. Others are younger, often in graduate school, teachers or young families who can’t have the full-time responisiblity of a dog. We even have Companion Families who just want an occassional playmate for their own dog.

FlipFlop Dogs is able to provide all the benefits of dog ownership without the full-time emotional and financial commitments attached to owning a dog of your own.

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Rave Reviews

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    • Sophia is calm and normal..we're snuggling in the chair and watching TV. Thanks again for helping to make one aspect (and a very important one!) of this mini-vacation go smoothly..

      —Patti C.

    • Danielle,  I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all that you have done for us and, more importantly, our dogs.  As you know, our dogs are very much apart of our family and when Morgan was diagnosed with oral cancer, we were devastated. He completely shocked everyone by living 6 months longer than expected.  During his last months you provided such amazing care to both him and Lexy while we were away.  You treat our dogs as if they were your own... with amazing love and affection.  We are so glad we found FlipFlop!.


    • I love that FlipFlop® provides the Call Center to handle incoming inquiries and bookings in a timely professional manner leaving me to focus on my favorite aspects of the business.  I enjoy spending time pampering my customers, working with Companion Families and being at so many great dog events.  My favorite moment is when I pick up a customer’s dog and he is so excited that he runs to my Transit body jiggling, tail wiggling because he knows that he is going somewhere fun.  Customers always say the same thing.  They just can’t believe that their dog is so happy that he didn’t even stop to say goodbye. .

      —Danielle E.

    • We have grown a successful business with many repeat customers. Our days are never boring! One day we are visiting vets and dog trainers to promote our unique service and the next we are meeting with customers and their dogs to match them with a suitable Companion Family. Every day we get to meet amazing dogs. .

      —Nancy D.

    • It feels good to know I can provide quality, loving care to a family’s dog or dogs so that they can have peace of mind to go on a trip knowing their furry family member is being well taken care of and is safe. And I have the assurance that I can call, email or text Danielle, the owner of FlipFlop of the Lakeshore if any problems arise. I enjoy having dogs as guests in my home and still have time for traveling when not watching a guest dog. FlipFlop Dogs provides a great service to pet owners and I am happy to be a Companion for FlipFlop Dogs..


    • I must admit that my dog Twister is like my child. Leaving Twister in kennels and doggy day camps always left me feeling uncomfortable and fearing that something "bad" might happen. You see, to me, he was too small and too precious to be "housed" with large dogs and caged in a kennel. Therefore, when I realized that FlipFlop offered an alternative to kenneling, I decided to give them a try. From the first moment, I felt a tremendous ease. Upon Twister's return, I received pictures and a few other items that added the "perfect" personal touch. I was so impressed that I couldn't wait to tell my family and friends about their services. I would HIGHLY recommend FlipFlop to anyone I know. Twister and I am thankful to know that he will get the very best of care when "mommy" is away. Thanks so much!.


    • We had previously boarded our [dog] Austin at a local facility and I will never do that again.  It was traumatizing for all of us. I was so comfortable with [FlipFlop of the Lakeshore franchisee] Danielle, that we decided to use her service.  It was awesome!  She comes to pick up your dog.  Austin had an amazing time with his  "companion family".  We received pictures while we were on our vacation of him playing, being brushed and even swimming!  He looked so happy and content.  I can't tell you how reassuring that was for us.  I have no qualms recommending FlipFlop.  .


    • “Now that our children are grown, our world revolves around our three dogs. We finally have the chance to travel frequently, but the thought of putting them in a kennel would be impossible. Your company has the perfect solution! Knowing that they will be cared for by other canine-loving families like ours leaves us with no worries and the freedom to travel guilt free. We give you 5 stars!”.

      —Karen S.

    • When dashing to the airport, usually cutting it close, dropping my Lab off at the kennel just adds to the stress. (Did I mention that he gets carsick?) FlipFlop® will pick Huxley up at a prearranged time making my life so much easier.

      —Danielle M.

    • We never leave our dogs at the kennel, so when we must be away, we rely (impose) on our family and friends to pet sit. FlipFlop® is the ideal solution for us. We can leave our 'kids' with a Companion Family and have complete peace of mind while we are away..

      —Kristin K