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Holiday Travels Without Your Dog

Calendar Posted on Nov 12, 2014 by tmiltz

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How to Prepare Yourself to Travel Without Your Dog This Holiday Season


The holidays are here, which means that travel plans have caught us between leaving our precious dogs in a cold, concrete kennel or not seeing our extended family and friends. I finally got a dog of my own, and fully empathies with those dog owners who do not want to leave their pup…ever. I don’t want to miss a single part of her life, especially during the holidays! The fact is, we should be with our family during the holidays and it is okay to spend some time apart from your dog. You have several options of where your dog can stay while you are away, but in my opinion, I would only want my dog to stay at a safe, loving (warm) home with a caring family, similar to what she would have with me. Let’s assume you agree with me, which inevitably leads you to booking a FlipFlop vacation. Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself for the dreaded time apart, as your dog enjoys their FlipFlop holiday vacation.


Take Holiday Pictures, Before the Holidays. Have your dog pose for pictures in front of a Christmas tree or unwrapping their holiday gifts. You will be able to have the experience of enjoying the holiday with them, just a little earlier than usual. When you are away, you will have the pictures to look back on; almost like they are there. You will also be receiving pictures of your dog relaxing after a long walk, enjoying a delicious (and nutritious) holiday meal with their Companion Family and getting exercise to keep the fit during the holiday chaos. Pictures help in preventing serious sadness (or depression) when you are away from your dog. It’ll make you happy looking at the ones you took and seeing new pictures of how much they are enjoying their holiday! The more pictures you take, the easier your time apart will be.


Spend a Weekend Together. Spend some much time with your dog that you will need a break. I get sad when I’m not with my puppy for 30 minutes and soon I’ll be spending over two weeks apart from her. How am I going to cope? By playing, snuggling and spending literally every second together for weeks leading up to the holidays. This might drive both of us a little crazy but it’ll be worth it. Plus, I know that on her FlipFlop vacation, she will be getting 24/7 attention from her Companion Family so she can start getting use to the extra people attention from me.


Gronk and I this past weekend.

Gronk and I this past weekend.



Packing A Little Extra. Not being there for the holidays doesn’t mean that your dog won’t receive the same love and care that you would provide for them, but it won’t be from you. I want my puppy to know that I’m thinking of her, which is why I will be providing her Companion Family with some presents (aka wrapped treats and toys). Pack some things your dog can eat on Thanksgiving Day (such as homemade pumpkin treats) or open on Christmas day (such as that new bully stick she loves). I know I’ll be sending several Tupperware containers full of homemade treats and a new toy that I know she will love to play with (and one that will keep her occupied during her holiday stay). Don’t be afraid to stuff their FlipFlop overnight bag full of presents!


Thinking of the Positivity. Although I’m extremely sad to be leaving our puppy (Gronk) behind, I know that she will be providing her Companion Family with happiness, laughter and joy during the holidays. FlipFlop Companions host vacationing dogs because they simply love and enjoy the company of a visiting dog, without the full time commitment. They will be overjoyed to have our little puppy (who is now housebroken), running around their house. Thinking about Gronk’s matched Companion Family, who is an actively retired couple and does not have a dog of their own, makes going away for the holidays okay!


If you haven’t done so already, book your dog’s stay with your local FlipFlop franchise so they too can enjoy their holiday with a loving family! 

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