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How Dogs Help You Socialize

Calendar Posted on Oct 22, 2014 by tmiltz

The Social Aspect of Being a Companion Family


Become a Companion Family to Gain the Social Benefits of Having a Dog During the Winter


As the cold weather is creeping in, dogs are a friendly reminder that you don’t have to lose your social life, even when the weather is cold. Having a dog by your side means staying in is less lonely, but also reminds you to get outside since they have to go outside for exercise and to use the bathroom. Pet owners gain health benefits year round from having their furry best friend by their side, and in winter this is especially true. With seasonal depression, less outdoor activities and motivation to go out with friends, we could all use a little wet nose nudge to get us out the door. Becoming a Companion Family allows you to get the same benefits as a dog owner, without the commitment of having a full-time dog. Here are a couple of reasons on how  becoming a Companion Family helps you become more social with a visiting dog!


Dogs have the ability to strike up conversation anywhere. Whether you are at the dog park, in the elevator or walking around the block, people are naturally attracted to others walking a dog. Your odds of meeting someone are greatly increased when you have a dog because they act as an ice breaker in conversation. In the winter people are hibernating to stay warm, so casual interactions are less common. However, with a dog, you’ll still have the casual re-ins at the dog park or people wandering up to you on the street. Dogs are your go-to social butterflies, without having to say a word.




Dogs listen. Rather than walking (or swimming) away like other pets, dogs love having the human interaction and conversations when you get home. With eye contact and turn their head, dogs engage with you while making conversations easy and allowing you to speak your mind . When loneliness is setting in, dogs are the perfect companion to sit by your side and talk to. In a University of Chicago study, dog owners reported less loneliness than that of other pet owners. The strong connection and interaction is all it takes to make the winter breeze by, even when the days are shorter and the snow is higher.


If you already have a dog, consider becoming a Companion Family for your dog’s benefit. If your dog is dog-friendly, adding a dog for a few days at a time can help with socializing your dog in providing them with a dog to play with. In the winter,  a playmate can help with keeping them healthy and less rambunctious, as they can burn off the energy that they usually do while playing outside.  Another reason is that dogs playing with other dogs is different than with humans.  Playing with other dogs will teach them to be less aggressive and to share their food and toys (like a human baby).  As long as your dog is ready for another playmate, becoming a Companion Family can be a great way to keep your dog entertained and happy during the colder months where less time is spent outdoors. You can also benefit by getting to know a different breed or enjoying the cuteness of a puppy again!



Becoming a Companion Family is a fun way to enjoy the holiday season with an adorable dog, and spark new conservations with friendly neighbors. This winter make an effort to be more social, and happy, by joining our Companion Family network. We also have Companion Family gatherings so you can meet other dog lovers in your community. Sign up to become a Companion Family for your local franchise today! 




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