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Five Keys to Happiness

Calendar Posted on Jan 28, 2015 by tmiltz

Finding Happiness through Five Factors

Research shows what factors into your happiness




A recent Business Insider report suggested the main keys to happiness.  Everyone strives for happiness in their life but not all are able to achieve it. Without a doubt, we go through happy and sad times based on the circumstances of our life events. Focusing on the factors that you can control, there is a reason why business owners, franchisees and entrepreneurs are happier than those working for at a routine, office job. This study is important to show how changes in your life can lead you to living a happier life!


There are five main factors that psychologist have discovered over the years that make you happy: achieving goals, meaningful work, experiences, exercise and seeing the people you love. Here’s our inside look on what these five factors mean in conjunction with being a FlipFlop franchise.  Writing down achievable goals and seeing them cultivate makes you feel accomplished and successful! At FlipFlop, we are consistently getting together as a franchise network to talk about our goals, explain our plans to achieve them and then discuss the results. This creates an accountability as a group and makes sharing the successes more fun. High fives all around!


Having a fulfilling, meaningful career is one of the keys to happiness. You spend majority of your time working, which is why it’s so important to seek out a career that you feel a calling toward. One of the best ways to figure this out is to think about what you enjoy doing when you are not working, or what you would do if money was not a factor. Do you enjoy caring for people? Do you enjoy volunteering at your local humane society? Do you look forward to running home to be with your dog? If you are a dog person, FlipFlop franchisees live a fulfilling career as they build their own business based on their love for dogs.


“Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”



We’ve all heard that “money can’t buy happiness”, which is true, unless you are talking about going somewhere or doing something. Going on a vacation or spending the day on a boat- having experiences–  is one of the main links to happiness. The expensive couch that you wanted for years becomes just a place to sit after the novelty of it wears off. Being a franchisee, you are able to make your own schedule and are making a considerable income, which allows you to go on vacation. There are no numbered vacation days, as you own your business. Experience the world with your favorite travel partner or go enjoy the beautiful beach day with your children. We want you to be happy and experience things!


Exercise equals endorphins. As a FlipFlop franchisee, you have a flexible schedule. You are able to schedule your marketing stops, meetings and appointments with what works best with you! If you like to take an afternoon spin class, go for it! You won’t have to miss out on an exercising opportunity because of your strict working hours. We don’t babysit you or require certain hours. Happier, healthier you is possible.


Lastly, spend time with those you love. Being around your friends and family is a wonderful feeling. FlipFlop franchisees don’t miss their son’s soccer game or a friend’s birthday dinner because work ran late. You get to spend more time with the people you care about. Being there during these fun events will make you happier and will make your life less stressful. Stop missing out on family and friends time because you have a restrictive job. Become a business owner and you will make your own schedule to have the flexibility to enjoy the time with your loved ones.


This was our take on the recent Business Insider article, read the full study here. We feel strongly that happiness is important for our franchisees. FlipFlop franchisees enjoy going to work every day. They chose to leave their desk jobs to become a successful business owner. If you are looking for happiness and love dogs, we’d love to speak to you about our exciting opportunities. We are looking to expand our FlipFlop network in 2015. Contact us today at:, fill out an application or give us a call at (800)-710-1740×106.




27 Reasons You Know You’re A Dog Owner

Calendar Posted on Apr 30, 2014 by tmiltz

Dog owners alike experience daily humors that non-dog owners would not appreciate nor understand. Dogs are our best friend and life would not be the same without the shedding, slobber and an occasional ‘refinishing’ of chew marks on the furniture.  They lighten the mood when its tense and can read your emotions when all you need is a partner by your side. To all of the ups and downs, dog owners go through much of the same experiences. Leading into…


Dog Owner with Dog
Dog Owner with Dog


You Know You’re A Dog Owner When….

    1. You take a bite out of your dinner and you get dog hair in your mouth, but continue eating.
    2. You instinctively react when you hear a doorbell on the TV because you know your dogs will start barking.
    3. When rain is in the forecast, you know that mud and smelly wet dogs are in your future.
    4. You have more pictures of your dog than your friends and family on your phone.
    5. You always have someone to talk about your day with and they listen intently.
    6. You’re instantly happier when you walk into your house to a wagging tail and an excited dog.
    7. You know what it’s like to be outside at 6am, 9:30pm, and whenever else your dog has to use the bathroom.
    8. You have children gates…without the children.
    9. Your car windows are never clean, or are cleaned only with dog slobber.
    10. You and your dog have a secret language, such as knowing exactly what to do when you say “do your business” while standing in a grass field.
    11. You go for walks in the rain, snow and wind so your dog can receive their daily exercise.
    12. You have an Instagram account for your dog and it has more followers than you’ll ever have.
    13. You consider your dog’s comfort level when looking for a new car.
    14. Your parents refer to your dog as the “grandkid”.
    15. You plan your social activities around your dog. “No happy hour tonight, promised Shadow we were going for a run.”
    16. You feel more comfortable talking about your dog than yourself.
    17. You’re happier than most people you know. (Dog owners usually are.)
    18. Your recent search history is looking for places that are “dog friendly”.
    19. You have more nicknames for your dog than your significant other.
    20. You spent a big chunk of your day thinking about what your dog is doing at home.
    21. You stop everything you are doing when you start to hear the “pre-barfing”, coughing noises.
    22. You get your dog groomed more often than you get your hair cut.
    23. Trying to teach your dog a new trick has become your favorite pastime.
    24. You realize that sitting on command may be the only trick they know, but you show them off either way.
    25. Your holiday card usually contains a picture of your dog, who may or may not be dressed up for the occasion.
    26. Your plans for Saturday consist of taking your dog for a run, going to the dog park and going shopping with your dog.
    27. You know for a fact you have the best dog there is.



Did we miss some of your favorite dog moments as a dog owner? Share them by writing a quick comment below!

40 Excellent Ideas to Keep Your Dog Happy

Calendar Posted on Feb 07, 2014 by jhmiltz

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Dogs have the ability to make us happy everyday. With the running of excitement to greet you to the companionship of lying by your side as you read a book, it’s difficult to find a reason not to smile when you are around dogs. Have you ever given a thought to what makes your dog happy? We have and we wanted to share it with you. Here are our top 40 dog care tips for happiness.

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10 Ways to Develop and Maintain a Rewarding Relationship with Your Dog

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Your dog is your best friend. He listens, he helps you stay in shape and loves to snuggle. While you gain so much joy from having them in your life, return the favor and ensure that they are cared for at all times. These are the top 10 essentials to keep your dog safe, happy and healthy.

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