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Five Keys to Happiness

Calendar Posted on Jan 28, 2015 by tmiltz

Finding Happiness through Five Factors

Research shows what factors into your happiness




A recent Business Insider report suggested the main keys to happiness.  Everyone strives for happiness in their life but not all are able to achieve it. Without a doubt, we go through happy and sad times based on the circumstances of our life events. Focusing on the factors that you can control, there is a reason why business owners, franchisees and entrepreneurs are happier than those working for at a routine, office job. This study is important to show how changes in your life can lead you to living a happier life!


There are five main factors that psychologist have discovered over the years that make you happy: achieving goals, meaningful work, experiences, exercise and seeing the people you love. Here’s our inside look on what these five factors mean in conjunction with being a FlipFlop franchise.  Writing down achievable goals and seeing them cultivate makes you feel accomplished and successful! At FlipFlop, we are consistently getting together as a franchise network to talk about our goals, explain our plans to achieve them and then discuss the results. This creates an accountability as a group and makes sharing the successes more fun. High fives all around!


Having a fulfilling, meaningful career is one of the keys to happiness. You spend majority of your time working, which is why it’s so important to seek out a career that you feel a calling toward. One of the best ways to figure this out is to think about what you enjoy doing when you are not working, or what you would do if money was not a factor. Do you enjoy caring for people? Do you enjoy volunteering at your local humane society? Do you look forward to running home to be with your dog? If you are a dog person, FlipFlop franchisees live a fulfilling career as they build their own business based on their love for dogs.


“Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”



We’ve all heard that “money can’t buy happiness”, which is true, unless you are talking about going somewhere or doing something. Going on a vacation or spending the day on a boat- having experiences–  is one of the main links to happiness. The expensive couch that you wanted for years becomes just a place to sit after the novelty of it wears off. Being a franchisee, you are able to make your own schedule and are making a considerable income, which allows you to go on vacation. There are no numbered vacation days, as you own your business. Experience the world with your favorite travel partner or go enjoy the beautiful beach day with your children. We want you to be happy and experience things!


Exercise equals endorphins. As a FlipFlop franchisee, you have a flexible schedule. You are able to schedule your marketing stops, meetings and appointments with what works best with you! If you like to take an afternoon spin class, go for it! You won’t have to miss out on an exercising opportunity because of your strict working hours. We don’t babysit you or require certain hours. Happier, healthier you is possible.


Lastly, spend time with those you love. Being around your friends and family is a wonderful feeling. FlipFlop franchisees don’t miss their son’s soccer game or a friend’s birthday dinner because work ran late. You get to spend more time with the people you care about. Being there during these fun events will make you happier and will make your life less stressful. Stop missing out on family and friends time because you have a restrictive job. Become a business owner and you will make your own schedule to have the flexibility to enjoy the time with your loved ones.


This was our take on the recent Business Insider article, read the full study here. We feel strongly that happiness is important for our franchisees. FlipFlop franchisees enjoy going to work every day. They chose to leave their desk jobs to become a successful business owner. If you are looking for happiness and love dogs, we’d love to speak to you about our exciting opportunities. We are looking to expand our FlipFlop network in 2015. Contact us today at:, fill out an application or give us a call at (800)-710-1740×106.




Top 5 Reasons to Join an Emerging Franchise

Calendar Posted on Jul 08, 2014 by tmiltz

Why Becoming a Part of a Young Franchise is Beneficial


Investing in any franchise is a risk. You’re counting on franchisors for guidance; other franchisees for support and you’re investing a ton of money to build your business. Now add the risk factor of investing in an emerging franchise, a franchise with only a few franchisees. Does it add risk? Maybe, but there are far more benefits of investing in an emerging franchise that the little added risk, is a fleeting concern. Your voice is not only heard by the franchisors, but it’s also helping to make positive changes for future franchisees.  Take a extremely large franchise such as, McDonalds or Hilton. Can you imagine a franchisee picking up the phone to call the President of the company to share an idea they had on how to make franchisees daily operations more efficient? In an emerging franchise, you are able to have a close relationship with the corporate team behind the concept and your ideas will be taken seriously. They believe in you as much as you believe in them. Here are five more reasons to join an emerging franchise:

  1.  Make the Difference. When a franchise is starting out, they rely heavily on their few franchisees because they are looking to perfect and develop their model. Franchisors seek advice and look for solutions during this time so it’s a fun opportunity to voice your opinion. If you continue to be a strong franchisee, you’ll see your ideas transpire to other franchisees. Consider stepping up to the challenge of voicing your opinions when you have an idea, and you’ll be rewarded as a crucial part of their team.
  2. Seeing the Growth. The risk-reward benefit is a balancing act when choosing to invest in an emerging franchise. Once you find a concept that you truly believe in, the reward will undoubtedly outweigh the risk.  Investing early allows you to be an integral part of the growth throughout the lifetime of the franchise. When new franchisees come on board, you would be an essential part of explaining your daily operations and validation through your success. You don’t just see your business grow, but you proudly see the franchise’s network of similar minded entrepreneurs grow too.
  3. Expansion Opportunity. Emerging franchises should have territories mapped out, but they most likely will not be filled. If you start as part of their first few franchisees, you will have room to grow and expand your territory. Show your strengths and capabilities and you could earn your surrounding territories. Once the territories are taken, you will not have this opportunity.
  4. The Excitement. Rather than investing in a large, mundane franchise, an emerging franchise is new and exciting. Although brand recognition will be a work in progress, you get to do the gratifying part of educating consumers and seeing their reaction of how cool your business is. Having an emerging franchise allows you to be a true entrepreneur of owning your business, educating consumers and being the brand image. With an emerging franchise, you help to create and shape the brand.
  5. Importance in the Team. In a franchise, the franchisors are the coaches, the veteran franchisees are the captains and the others are the players. Franchises are a team that makes up a network of individuals with similar mindsets of believing in the franchise concept. With a cluster of 150+ franchises having a close franchisee to turn to, is hard. When you start with an emerging franchise, you will be among few franchisees enabling you to get close with the others. Your team will be a close-knit group. You’ll feel comfortable calling someone who you’ve known from the ground up and have had similar experiences.  As a note, be kind and incorporate new franchisees in when the network gets large- they’ll appreciate it as much as you did!



While looking at potential franchise opportunities, consider these 5 benefits of joining an emerging franchise. Above all, ensure that you believe in the concept before investing to become a franchisee.  Are you looking for an opportunity with an emerging franchise?

FlipFlop Dogs is a unique franchising opportunity. Offering a market-tested business that allows our franchisees to establish and manage their own successful business. Our franchisees are home-based, mobile (no storefront needed), have a protected territory and are coached by a management team with over 65 years of pet industry experience. The FlipFlop Dogs concept is based on Britain’s Franchise of the Year, Barking Mad. Bringing this concept to the U.S.,  FlipFlop Dogs is the alternative to kenneling your dog. If you love dogs and working from home, being your own boss and controlling your own schedule, a FlipFlop Dogs franchise could be a perfect match for you! Find out more by clicking here: Franchising Information.

7 Ways Franchising Supports Women

Calendar Posted on Apr 23, 2014 by tmiltz

Women Find Success in Franchise Families

Franchising provides a great opportunity to own your own business, while having the backbone and assurance from the franchisors. Franchisees are welcomed into a big family, where people are collaborating and evolving their ideas with one another.

FlipFlop Franchisee

FlipFlop Franchisee Presents Information to Customer


Women in franchising find a love for the established network, market-proven concept, which allows them to prove their own success while maintaining the lifestyle they choose. There’s a good reason for this too. The franchise system supports women and here are 7 reasons why.

  1. Building Your Own Success. Owning your own business along with having the support of a franchise team, gives you all the tools and expertise to build your own success.  The franchise system gives you the tools to market, plan and strategically position yourself in the operating territory.  All you have to do is apply your drive and commitment to building your local franchise business. You are in control of how profitable and reputable your franchise is. It’s a refreshing feeling to be able to determine your own success rather than relying on others- you are the boss.
  2. Not Having to Reinvent The Wheel. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to own your own business. Franchising allows you to take a proven, validated model and run your own business. There is less risk associated and more reward in gaining recognition from a brand.  According to Bloomberg, eight out of ten business concepts fail. Buying into a franchise concept greatly decreases these odds because you are not relying solely on yourself and a new concept. Franchising systems are market proven and tested to be profitable. Just add your thirst for success.
  3.  Expanding The Network. For the most part, women love relationships, networking and having a family type atmosphere. Franchising is just that. You have the coaching and expertise from the franchisors, and you have a network of people that do the exact same thing as you, gone through the same struggles and hardships and will be happy to be share their experiences. Franchisees are able to connect on a different level and help each other out throughout the lifetime of their business. Whether the issue is how to market toward a certain group or dealing with that certain problematic customer- they are there for you to offer their experienced advice.  When you become a franchise, you become part of an open network, where people have continuous conversations and strategize as one community.  You are never alone. I love how Debbie Blacher, from the Wholesome Tummies franchise, says “You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”
  4. Opportunities for Every Interest. With well over 1,200 franchises in the U.S., there are businesses that fit almost anyone’s interest, financial investment, and expected lifestyle. There are franchise opportunities for those interested in children education, home improvement, printing/office services, pet related, event planning or accounting services- you name it. In order to make the long-term commitment of buying a franchise, ensure that the brand is something you believe and that you connect with the franchisor.
  5. Flexible Schedule. Although there will be added responsibilities, the bonus of owning your own business, is the ability to make your own schedule. You have the ability to make your own hours and work on developing your business, while also having the ability to shut down when need to. In franchising, you no longer have a boss demanding you to work during certain hours. There’s no 8a-5p or 7a-10pm, unless you want those hours of course. This leads to less stress and more enjoyment of going to work.  You do not have to choose between having time for family and friends or having a successful career, when you can easily have both. While you are researching franchises, spend a lot of time knowing the franchise model and the lifestyle it will allow you to have. Asking established franchisees about their normal operating hours and schedules will help you envision if this business will fit into your current lifestyle.
  6. Work From Home. There are a lot of franchises that are home-based, requiring no brick and mortar location. This not only significantly cuts down on your investment and overhead costs, but also gives you the convenience of being home.  A dedicated office area in your house is highly recommended to help you overcome the distractions.
  7. Making a Difference in the Community. Having a business in your local community, allows you to contribute to the success of your town. You better the lives of those in your area for providing your products/services to them. Owning a franchise gives you the business opportunity to stand out in your community by creating a network of loyal customers and fans. Isn’t it time to do something you love?





FlipFlop Dogs is a unique franchising opportunity. Offering a market-tested business that allows our franchisees to establish and manage their own successful business. Our franchisees are home-based, mobile (no storefront needed), have a protected territory and are coached by a management team with over 65 years of pet industry experience. The FlipFlop Dogs concept is based on Britain’s Franchise of the Year, Barking Mad. Bringing this concept to the U.S.,  FlipFlop Dogs is the alternative to kenneling your dog. If you love dogs and working from home, being your own boss and controlling your own schedule, a FlipFlop Dogs franchise could be a perfect match for you! Find out more by clicking here: Franchising Information.



2014 Expansion Plans

Calendar Posted on Apr 13, 2014 by tmiltz

Expansion Plans for FlipFlop Dogs Team in 2014
FlipFlop Dogs Team at the IFA Meeting


2014 Expansion Plans Come with Anticipated Excitement

After spending three years perfecting the FlipFlop Dogs franchise model, the owners are extremely excited to announce their plans to expand in the metro Ohio areas of Columbus, Akron-Canton and Cleveland.


The first FlipFlop Dogs franchise opened in 2011 in Mentor, Ohio, outside of Cleveland, and has been busy since. Finding that dog owners who do not want to kennel their dogs while they are away are in the majority, the expansion plans come as no surprise.


While the FlipFlop Dogs concept is new to the U.S., an alternative to kenneling/dog boarding facilities is of normalcy in the United Kingdom. The FlipFlop Dogs franchise owners learned from the British franchisor of the year, Barking Mad, comprised of 60 franchisees. This unique alternative allows dogs owners to travel without the guilt, as their dog is being taken care of by one of our Companion Families. Our Companion Families provide 24/7 individualized attention and care as they do not work outside of their home. The days where dog owners had no other option than paying for their dog to stay on a cold, concrete floors in 4X8 cage, with limited direct attention or exercise- are long gone. Dogs in the FlipFlop franchise area, stay in a home similar to their own, their routine is maintained to a tee and no more than one customer’s dogs in residence.


FlipFlop Dogs franchise owners have found happiness and joy in giving their community an alternative to the current dog boarding options. Not only do they have a flexible schedule, own their own business and have mobility to access the entire database on any smartphone or tablet, but they absolutely love what they do!


Become a part of this expansion plan because… isn’t it time to love what you do? Find out more information at: or call us at (800)-710-1740 x106.