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5 Reasons A FlipFlop Franchisee Has More Fun

Calendar Posted on Nov 19, 2014 by tmiltz

Why Being a FlipFlop Franchisee Means You Have More Fun


Bring Your Work Week Up to Speed with Your Weekend Life


Being a FlipFlop franchisee is not just a career, it’s a lifestyle change that leads you to have a more fulfilling and enjoyable work week. Hate sitting in a desk chair staring at a computer screen all day, but love going home to your  furry best friend? Do you daydream of having a career that provides a flexible schedule and makes you as happy as a puppy licking your face? You are in luck and we are going to tell you how to start loving what you do with our five reasons why a FlipFlop franchisee has more fun than majority of adults.


Playing and meeting new dogs happens every day.  If you aren’t a dog lover, this is probably not the franchise right for you. Our  franchisees meet new doggy customers (“sniff” around for potential customers), return happy vacationing dogs and are surrounded by dogs all day. Dogs happen to be the most fun customer and we’ve found that they really love going on vacation. FlipFlop franchisees prosper with doggy kisses, wagging tails and snuggling with the cutest pups!


Helping dog owners go away by providing an alternative to kenneling. As a dog owner, going away is hard. The options of kenneling, having a pet sitter or relying on friends and family have proven to not be the best methods. Your dog does not receive the one-on-one desirable attention that you provide, in a comfortable home, while maintaining their home life routine. FlipFlop franchisees provide all of that, and more! FlipFlop franchisees enjoy providing their local dog owners with the ability to go away, without having to worry about their dog receiving proper care and attention.


Matching dog lovers with vacationing dogs. A great vacation is all about having fun, being comfortable and relaxing. FlipFlop franchisees place vacationing dogs with certified dog lovers who have similar schedules, live in similar home environments and enjoy the same amount of daily exercise. Meeting dog lovers means talking about dogs. If you love dogs as much as we do, that’s a pretty fun day. Then you get to match those great dogs that you met with the awesome dog lovers, to make for the best vacation for all! This is explained in more detail when you become a FlipFlop franchisee, but we’ve got a full-proof way for you to easily match the dogs with their best Companion. FlipFlop franchisees get to play matchmaker, but with dogs, and more smiles (and virtually no failing relationships).


Customer Dog Return


Not sitting at a desk all day. I don’t know how much you like to sit in uncomfortable, stuffy offices with an impersonal desk and a close, smelly coworker, but it just wasn’t for us. FlipFlop franchisees have a home-base, but spend most days meeting customers, networking with influencers and collaborating with dog organizations at fun events! Yes, going to dog events do help your business and, yes, they are extremely fun. FlipFlop franchisees seek out different tasks each day, which makes work weeks less boring and allows you to look forward to Mondays!


Forget the strict schedules and demanding deadlines. As a FlipFlop franchisee, you own your business, which means you have a flexible schedule. You have the liberty of scheduling your appointments, visiting influencers and going to events based on the schedule you create for yourself. Remember your kid’s soccer game you missed or your dog’s obedience training class?As a FlipFlop franchisee, we want you to be able to live your life and enjoy going to work. You create your project deadlines, your monthly and weekly goals and we provide any assistance along the way. Stressful deadlines and strict schedules are not conducive to a positive work relationship. We put significance on work life balance so that our franchisees remain happy because happy business owners are successful business owners!


Our FlipFlop franchisees are overall happier regarding their work life because they are able to live out their dreams of working with dogs and enjoy the aspects of owning their own business. If you are a dog lover, start doing what you love and join our FlipFlop team of franchisees. Request franchise information today!




Pet Care Industry: Statistics And Changing Trends

Calendar Posted on Mar 26, 2014 by jhmiltz

Dogs in the park


The pet care industry has shown its true colors during the past few years. The industry has not only continued to steadily rise for over 10 years, but has also shown that it is recession proof.  The pet care industry is in a fascinating phase where a multitude of changes are affecting the way pet business trends are leading toward fulfilling pet owners wants and needs. Unknowingly, there has been a gap in what was considered a quality life and what is now considered an even better life for households’ pets, or should we call them, our furry family members.


The pet business trends are being fueled by a couple of naming reasons. Society has made a shift to marry at an older age, leaving those single individuals opting to own a pet for the companionship during the time being. Or that young married couples are choosing to wait to start a traditional family with children and, instead adopting a pet to begin their family. The benefits being the happiness elicited from playing with a dog or seeing their wagging tail when you walk in from a long day at the office (no human is ever that happy to see you), and how dogs almost force you to be active by having to provide for their daily exercise needs.  Young adults are not alone.  As baby boomers are becoming the ripe age of retirement and looking to gain the companionship of dogs as well, since their children have moved out. There is no question that Americans are absolutely crazy about their love for their pets, and dogs being the highest among the category. How has this affected the pet care industry and what are the changing trends? Great question!


There’s been a growing awareness as to what enables a pet to have the best quality of life, and owners are willing to spend the money to get this. There are boutique pet stores popping up to offer pet luxury items such as, doggy wool sweaters, costumes, or organic protein dried Alligator treats. There’s a sudden need, as GenX (8-30 year olds) becomes pet owners, to have more technology driven pet appliances.  Owners are able to track their dog’s daily health on their smartphone (Tagg) and dispense their food/video chat with them while they are at work with Petzila. Although we hope this trend does not mean spending less time with their pets, as the pets can be cared for by the touch of a button.  Other trends include, veterinarians specializing in specific fields, such as neurology or cardiology, jet setting programs for pets, including airlines flying only pets, pet crematories are on the rise, and products that are “Made In America”.  Pet care related companies are vastly growing in numbers and locations, as pet franchising becomes a popular option in expanding one’s successful business throughout the mass.  There is one trend that is on a downward spiral, retail stores selling pets- thankfully! This is one downward trend we are very happy to see.


The steady and healthy growth in the pet care industry will continue its rise for the foreseeable future. Pet industry companies are beginning to match pet owners wants and needs for their furry family member. Ten years ago, dogs were only beginning to wear accessories.  Now pets can match their owners or dress up as a dinosaur on a Saturday. Pets’ quality of life is not considerably different than humans anymore. So whether owners are away from their pet or by their side, pets can maintain a comfortable and happy lifestyle that is fitted for the love and joy they supply us on a daily basis.




FlipFlop Dogs is a unique franchising opportunity. Offering a market-tested business that allows our franchisees to establish and manage their own successful business. Our franchisees are home-based, mobile (no storefront needed), have a protected territory and are coached by a management team with over 60 years of pet industry experience. The FlipFlop Dogs concept is based on England’s successful Barking Mad Franchise. Bringing this concept to the U.S.,  FlipFlop Dogs is the alternative to kenneling your dog. If you love dogs and working from home, being your own boss and controlling your own schedule, a FlipFlop Dogs franchise could be a perfect match for you!

Interested in a FlipFlop Dogs franchise? Contact us to learn more about this amazing opportunity!